how to identify products form iron or iron alloy
How to idenfity products from iron or iron ally is easy. We just only need to use magnets, pencils, and paper.
how to compare native copper with aopper aloy
How to compare the properties of native copper with a copper alloy is the goal of this project.
using stone age style tools to make art
Using stone age-style tools to make art is simple. We use it to tell the stories and adventures like an early generations.
figure venus rotation reversed from earth
Why is Venus's rotation reversed from Earth? Venus as the second closest planet to the sun has a unique rotation compared to the others. Venus rotation or one revolution around the sun it takes 243 Earth days. In addition, Venus's rotation is reversed when viewed from Earth.
How to Measure the Moon’s Shadow
A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and casts a shadow in the Earth’s surface. How big is the shadow of the moon on the Eath’s surface?
figure lifting a horse with your 1 finger
Lifting a horse with your 1 finger doesn’t make sense. Yes, it doesn’t make sense without using tools. But what tool serves to lift a horse with only one finger. Archimedes said “If I have a place to stand and a lever long enough, I can lift the earth”.
How to Make Solar Eclipse
To make a solar eclipse model is simple. We use clay, a ball, a pencil, and a flashlight to model the position of them during solar eclipses.
How to Determine the North Pole
How to determine the North Pole of the Earth in a simple way is to demonstrate the practice using simple tools.
How to Identify Acids and Bases
How to identify the effect of acids and bases on red cabbage juice is very easy. We use ammonia and vinegar to make it green and reddish.
how to make red cabbage extract
To make red cabbage extract is easy and simple. This extract is used as a research material for the Nature School.