are water molecules in constant motion
Are the water molecules in constant motion? In Earth Sciences, water is constantly moving in circulation which is called the hydrological cycle.
why can water flow at an angle
Why can water flow at an angle? Water has a cohesion and adhesion appeal. The water sticks to the plate due to the adhesion force, then the water layers on the surface stick together by the cohesion force.
do water molecules in liquid water fit tightly together
Do water molecules in liquid water fit tightly together? In this experiment we will test whether the molecules in liquid water are closely related. In this experiment we use salt as water crystals that freeze.
what happens when the shape of a protein molecule is changed
What happens when the shape of a protein molecule is changed? Protein molecules are essential for all living animal cells for tissue growth and repair. These molecules are similar to balls of yarn, and beating the egg whites causes the protein balls to break down.
the motion of the sun and time
The motion of the sun and time is time. The apparent motion of the sun and my disposition are interconnected. Here’s how to find out in a simple way from the Nature School.
how to model of a lithium atom
How to mode of a lithium atom? The aim of this project is to understand the building structure of the chemical element lithium. Lithium consists of three protons and four neutrons in its nucleus and three electrons outside the nucleus.
how to model the suns apparent daily motion
Sunrises and Sunsets are a fact we see every day so that we can eaily learn to model the sun apparent daily motion.
how to identify products form iron or iron alloy
How to idenfity products from iron or iron ally is easy. We just only need to use magnets, pencils, and paper.
how to compare native copper with aopper aloy
How to compare the properties of native copper with a copper alloy is the goal of this project.
using stone age style tools to make art
Using stone age-style tools to make art is simple. We use it to tell the stories and adventures like an early generations.